360FM Mobile App

360FM is an Application Get closer view (360 view) to calculate Financial Ratio such as Profitability, Efficiency, Liquidity and Leverage. The application is connected to ALBURHAN ERP, product of WEBWARE LLC, Sultanate of Oman (www.webware.om). It helps financial department and COs see Ratio Easily.

General Information for Each Ratio’s Category:

  • Profitability Ratios- Benefits
    1. Indicates the success in cresting wealth for owners
    2. Helps in gauging business performance
    3. Helps in making business decisions related to expansion
    4. Helps in taking better corrective decisions
    5. These rations measuring a company’s ability to generate sales and to control its expenses
  • Efficiency Ratios- Benefits
    1. Indicates the efficiency in managing the resources of the business
    2. Indicates how a company uses its assets and liabilities internally
    3. Measure and calculate the turnover of receivables , repayments of liabilities
  • Liquidity Ratios- Benefits
    1. These ratios compare the liquid assets of a business with current liabilities
    2. It tells about company’s ability to meet all its financial obligations (debt, salaries, tax..)
    3. They are limited in that they only consider the current assets.
    4. The higher a liquidity ratio, the better a company is able to meet its short-term obligations. The opposite can be said for companies with low liquidity ratios.
  • Gearing/Leverage Ratios- Benefits
  1. Indicates the level of financing provided by outside parties like debenture holders and banks
  2. The higher is better gearing, but more risk
  3. Will result high commitment to pay interest charges and principals on maturity
  4. We need gearing for:
    1. Insufficient funds
    2. As a mean of increasing the returns to owners
  5. Leverage can be operating or financial. Operating means adding to fixed costs to reduce variable costs
  • Investment Ratios- Benefits

Indicates the returns and performance of shares held in the company

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